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Horst Miracle Probes are easy to install.  They fit in the same 3/8 diameter hole that existing probes use.  Just replace the probes. 

If you have a hard to access gray and black water tank, simply take your RV and your Horst Miracle Probes to your local RV service station.  Tell them that you would like them to replace the current probes with the Horst Miracle Probe.    The directions are included on the package, and are very straight forward.


Black Probe Set 






Gray Probe Set 



A typical 5th wheeler has 2 gray tanks and 1 black tank.  To equip this rig with Horst Miracle Probes , it takes 3 packages.  (2 gray water probe sets and 1 black water probe set)


NOTE: The Horst Miracle Probes are now being manufactured by Valterra. Please contact Valterra for wholesale or OEM inquiries.

Horst Miracle Probes are also available at many RV supply stores and can also be purchased on Amazon.  For questions, contact your seller.  (This website however, should be able to answer most of your questions. Also check out the Frequently Asked Questions.)

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