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Why do Horst Miracle Probes work, while the regular probes don't?

Normally, electrical communication between a PLUS probe and a MINUS probe goes through the water and excites an LED. ( Light Emitting Diode) After a tank has been used a couple of times, the wall of the tank gets coated with sludge.  This causes all LEDs to turn on even when the tank is empty.  False conductance is established between the negative and positive stainless steel heads of the probes over the "with sludge covered" rubber grommets and plastic walls. The Horst Miracle Probes interrupt this electrical path because the probe stem is covered with Teflon tubing which prevent that from happening.  Teflon is the most slippery material and self cleaning.

Can I use Horst Miracle Probes on any RV holding tank?

Horst Miracle Probes can be installed on all RVs that are built to RVIA, CSA and IAPMO standards

How do you install the Horst Miracle Probe?

Remove existing probes out of the usual 3/8" diameter holes and replace them with the Horst Miracle Probes.  You can also choose to drill 3/8" diameter holes next to the existing probes.  Push the new probes into the 3/8" diameter holes and tighten first nut to make a good leak proof seal.  Connect  wires as they were.

Because black tank probes have a 'roof' above the probe to prevent toilet paper from covering the wire, be sure to orient the roof by rotating the exterior threaded electrical stud so that the milled flat section on the end of the stud is down, and the roof is up.

My tanks are hard to access, what should I do?

If it's difficult to access grey and black water tank, simply take your RV and your Horst Miracle Probes to your local RV service station.  Tell them that you would like them to replace the current probes with the Horst Miracle Probe.    The directions are included on the package, and are very straight forward.


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