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Horst Miracle Probes



The inventor of the Horst Miracle Probes now has 
an even better invention! 

This new improved product is the ultimate in detailed measurement, and will measure 3 or 4 tanks up to 1/8" accuracy. It's maintenance-free and is easier to install.

Please go to this website to learn more about the 
NEW Horst Miracle Gauge:



(This website will still remain available for those who still want information on the Horst Miracle Probes.)





Finally, a Proven Way to Eliminate False Readings from

Your RV’s Black & Gray Water Tanks
Once and For All!

A quick, easy and affordable way to solve an age-old problem.

New easy to install product does it all!

No More Scrubbings and Ice Cubes to get Correct Monitor Panel Readings

False monitor readings are a headache every RVer is familiar with.  How do you know when to empty your gray and black holding tanks when the monitor says the holding tank is full, yet you know that your tank is empty?

The long awaited solution has finally come!  And all you have to do is simply replace your existing probes with the Horst Miracle Probe. 

The Horst Miracle Probe

is specially designed to provide accurate readings, even in a tank with lots of sludge build up
is easy to install, as it fits in the same 3/8” diameter holes that the present probes use
works with existing monitor and wiring harness
is a simple cost effective solution that will make your trip more enjoyable

Why do the Horst Miracle Probes work?

These patented probes have a special Teflon tubing that eliminates false electrical readings.  Sludge cannot stick to the Teflon, and Teflon is not a conductive material.   Additionally, the black water probes have a 'roof', which prevents tissue and other solids from covering the probe wire.





Horst Miracle Probes





If you are what I call a “serious” RVer, (you know who you are), you owe it to yourself to investigate this new “miracle” for the RV waste system. If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of inaccurate monitor panel indications, you won’t need much convincing to make the switch to the Horst Miracle Probes.

And remember, RVing is more than a hobby, it’s a lifestyle!   Read the full review.

Gary Bunzer




I received the probes yesterday and could hardly wait till today to install them. Halluah! they work and now I will know when the black water tank is full with out having to look into the potty. It took me about one half hour to complete the job. I heard about the probes from RV View.


Thanks again Chuck




Last evening I installed a grey and black set of your probes in my older motorhome. Just letting you know that the job went very well and I am excited to see how they work. They appear to be an excellent product.






We have been motor homing for 40 years and are on our 8th motor home. The last 3 were bought new and we have never had a sensor that worked. We travel with many friends and groups and all laugh and say “No our sensors don’t work”. 

This year we installed ---Horst Miracle Probes -and they work. I installed them my self in about an hour. It is wonderful and we are spreading the word  that it is possible to have sensors that work. It is especially helpful when dry camping to have working sensors. 

                Jerry B.

                Santa Rosa, CA.




These probes were super easy to install. People I know that have used them have nothing but positive things to say. It's a long past due idea put into action.

                                                                 Lloyd Williams



So, how have they performed? In a word – perfect.

I installed these probes in December of ’09 and  immediately afterward took the trailer to my cousin’s house for the Christmas / New
Year’s holidays, exclusively using the holding tanks for about 2 weeks.

In mid-January, I lived in the trailer for 19 days while working at a show, again with no sewer connection and strictly on the tanks. Following that I went to Daytona for 16 days, and the holding tanks were filled and pumped about every 3 days. In each of these instances, there was a lot of cooking and dishwashing, as well as daily showering, so the tanks got abused with sewage, grease, food debris and soap scum.

The tank readings have always read accurately while the tanks are filling and return to an “empty” reading immediately after dumping or pumping.  What more could you want?    Read the full story...


Horst Miracle Probes can be installed on all RVs that are built to Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA),  Canadian Standards Association (CSA)  and International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) standards.





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